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July 18th, 2006

06:38 pm - The joys of living in the rain capital of the world.

UCF students are not the brightest; it has rain close to everyday this last couple of weeks around 2pm to 4pm. Why don’t more of them carry umbrellas? Nonetheless I love Florida weather it is awesome, even if it is fleeting. Where else can you enjoy watching a pouring rain storm a block away and feel the shockwave of lightning that is striking not 1.1K ft away and not have a drop of rain fall on you even when fully exposed. Granted it did not take long for the wall of water to get to me and my umbrella.

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July 16th, 2006

01:36 pm - Blah blah

Funny quotes of the day.

“If you want to make God laugh, tell him your plan”

And “it takes 43 muscles to frown and only a right foot to smile”,

shame most don’t get the last one.

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July 15th, 2006

08:37 pm

Cry cry cry… I cant belive I was soo stupid. Sigh. Okay so I have had my pet snake Slithers as named by Javi or Cornwall as named by Kes for close to a year. I used to be able to say that she had never even thought of biting anyone but a rodent. But I had asked Javi to not feed her for about a month, because he was feeding her way too diligently and to get her to be a little more active. It worked, she would explore her enclosure and we would take her out to climb on large bushes. Well we got her food on Friday and I handled the box with her food and for some rally dumb reason after handling the box that smelled like mice I attempted to pick her up to take her outside before her much awaited meal. Sigh. Needles to say she took a lightning quick nibble of my thumb, at first I did not think my skin broke but after a much closer examination I was able to identify 6 ridiculously small red dots. Lessoned learned, good thing she immediately identified me as not been food and let go and did not coil. She is still my favorite pet, and most beautiful one, though Sissi is by far the cutest.

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July 12th, 2006

12:27 am - A beautiful evening.

Feeling Good, avoiding sad thoughts.

Current Mood: thankfulthankful
Current Music: Romantic songs in my head.

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July 5th, 2006

09:25 pm
So I was just in my second real car accident, same thing as last time. I was stopped waiting at a light when from no where *Bamm!!!*, though my car was not damaged at all, I did get a head ache because my head hit the head rest. The problem was that unlike my first accident I did not see this one coming so I was very relaxed listening to the radio. Hank good for head rests, I could have injured my neck if the head rest would not have been there to stop my neck from going too far. I didn’t call the cops since there was no damage to my car at all, and I only got a little headache. Back to my dreaded English paper.
Current Mood: busy

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12:49 pm - 4th of July fun.

Well I am sunburned, sore, and sleepy. Though that was a good 4th of July. I got to spend the day out in the lake riding the Jet Ski and knee boarding with my brother and Amhed. I found out that if you turn much too aggressively on a jet-ski it will somehow end up going backwards and that knee boarding behind a fast jet-ski is nothing like knee boarding at wet’n wiled. I wiped out a few time, in one occasion I most have been doing some speed just shy of 30, when I took a jump (wave) and I think half a litter of fresh delicious water forcefully entered my body through my nose, good thing it was not salt water. Too bad the day ended before its time, because Amhed ran over the tow rope and got it stuck in the jet ski’s turbine. I also paid the price for procrastinating, I had to head back to the apt early enough to write my paper, if I would have not procrastinated I could have admired the splendor of the fireworks display with Branille, oh well.

PS. Good luck Christina on your job hunt.

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Current Music: Speed Kills

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July 2nd, 2006

06:57 pm

So I have been a little sad I don’t get to see the tour live because I don’t get OLN here in the apt. That was also the case last year, but I was able to download/steal it from the interweb. But they are not posting the stages on the web this year, thankfully I got my wonderful brother to figure out how to record them with the VCR, yes my household is stuck in the pre-tivo age. Now all I have to do is be patient and not visit the OLN website, since that is the only place that could spoil the results for me, because no one else cares about Le Tour de France.

So today I got to go to a “contemporary” church, AKA Christina’s church, I did not really like it. I did not felt a strong since of peace, and I was not really moved, and I am easy to be moved at church lately. I was moved when the guy that was crying when up to the preacher guy and hugged him, but that does not count. I guess I am just not into all the signing… So far, Kes’s church was the most peaceful, enjoyable, and moving. Branille’s church is also very nice, ho well. I did have a good time at Kon’s home, they are such nice people. Plus Morgan was there and it is always nice to hang out with Christina’s friends, they are so sweet.

I failed to stop going to the movies and got to see superman. It was pretty good, though the symbolism of superman as Jesus was a little too strong. And what is with the bad guy, he was pathetic. Other than that is was a good movie, as long as you make a strong effort to forget the physical properties of massive objects like a metal glove, airliner, and an entire island.

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Current Music: Something from the Red Hot Chilly Peppers.

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July 1st, 2006

05:25 pm - Useless skills renaissance.

So learned to rollerblade in the last few months, I also learned to juggle three objects for seven turns about a week ago, and today I learned to bowl. I got a score of 115, and five strikes in three games. What I want to add to my mini hand to eye and balancing renaissance is wakeboarding. I think I will just head over to Wet’n wild one day and try nothing but to wakeboard. My brother seriously tried it one day, but all he did was continuously fall on his face. The whole smacking the water face first none-stop is the only thing making me hesitate.

Note: I got to go see “Click” w/ Tori, and though it was quite funny I did not expect so many adult jokes in the movie. Wow, I have to stop going to the movies so much

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Current Music: "Here in your bedroom" Rock on...

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10:12 am - The Tour has started.

This is soo %&$# sad, we all knew Lance had retired and he would not be in this years Tour de France, but because of some doping scandal my two other favorite riders were baned from the Tour till they are proven innocent. OHHH that pisses me off. I guess if they are guilty they don’t belong in the sport but other wise this would be a grave injustice. Cry cry cry… sigh. On the bright side, teem discovery was not affected by the accusations. Also a lot of the riders (George Hincapie, Levi Leipheimer, and Floyd Landis) that are American and were aiming at the top five/ten, now have a real chance of an overall win. I will miss Ivan Basso and Jan Ullrich. Actually with those two guys out Lance would have won again, but I know he could have won even if his main rivals wound have been there, Lance is just tired of sacrificing 11 months of every year for those glories 21 days plus he is incredibly satisfied with all his accomplishments.

Le Tour de France has started :-) and no matter what it is still going to be a great race. I wish I knew where to get the 1998 to 2001 season and not be ruined, I only started watching in 2002.

PS. George Hincapie, Lance's long time friend and his faithful lieutenant for the last 7 years just got 2nd place in the prolog. This should be good.

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June 26th, 2006

05:29 pm

Well the first half of summer was a breeze, I think I got a pretty good grade on American Hist. II, but know I have to deal with the long dreaded Comp. II and American Hist I. I hope I don’t get too frustrated. I will happily take quantum physics, differential equations, or even electromagnetism, but Comp is such a depressing and humiliating class…. Heck, I already have a diagnostics essay due tomorrow. Cry cry cry… I sound like Christina with all this winning, at lest a couple of friends offered to help; I just hope they meant it.

Oh well I am off to the gym, maybe I will feel better.

Current Mood: anxiousanxious
Current Music: Just another day in paradice

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